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RONO™ – A New Innovative Online Business Coaching Resource on Negotiation.

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What is RONO™?

Developed by Ecco Consulting Pty Ltd, the RONO™ Model is a unique coaching resource on the commercialisation and negotiation processes for high value/low volume commercial transactions.

RONO™ provides strategies to facilitate corporations and SMEs to and achieve the rightful value and realise the full potential from your high value negotiation/commercialisation process.

RONO™ specifically targets built relationships, partnerships, and business sustainability as the preferred commercialisation outcome.

Based on RONO™, is a unique, well-crafted online, interactive coaching resource.  It contains 180+ experienced based strategies for adding value and setting a standard to your high value commercial negotiation processes.

For managers in leadership roles, RONO™ is ideal resource for procurement, marketing, cross-culture negotiations, international trade, joint venture negotiations and other high value commercial transactions.


Background to RONO™

RONO™ is an acronym for ‘Relationships, Options, Negotiation, and Outcomes’, representing the four sequential Phases of the typical high value/low volume commercialisation process.

It is based on Ecco’s 25+ years of commercial trading and project/business development experience in the international resource sector with three of the worlds large global resource corporations.


RONO™ is a cost-effective coaching resource.

For corporations:

  • providing guiding strategies for managing your high value commercial negotiation process
  • upskilling staff on negotiation process
  • facilitating negotiation as a core competency in your organisation
  • help choosing the appropriate advance training course!
  • facilitating retention of learnt strategies from professional training course, avoiding the costly ‘Forgetting curve’.

For SME’s

  • offers established processes for SMEs starting out, establishing new clients, entering the international trading sector. is well crafted – Look for yourself. contains 180+ Strategies contained within 33 Principles, meticulously set out across the four sequential RONO™ Phases of the commercialisation process – Relationships, Options, Negotiation, and Outcomes.

  • Big RONO™ Picture

Click here to see ‘How RONO™ fits in the Commercialisation Process’, diagrammatically showing all RONO™’s Phases and Principles.

  • Strategies format – extract from!

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