Ecco Consulting Services


Commercial Negotiation – RONO™ – online business coaching resource

Experienced based, Ecco developed the RONO™ Model on commercial negotiation process, for adding value to your high value commercial negotiation processes.

Based on RONO™, is an online coaching resource developed by Ecco, with over 180 well- crafted strategies to help realise the full potential of your negotiation process and outcome. is a unique coaching resource for guiding negotiators, upskilling staff, post training retention on commercial negotiation process. is designed for corporations, SME’s and individuals engaged in procurement, marketing, trading, international.

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Fuels and Energy Consulting (on request)


Leading advisory on Australian biofuel sector developments research, economics, and policy since 2006. Click here for more details on Ecco’s advisory on Australian Biofuels.


Crude Oil, Gas Liquids

  • Crude Oils, Condensates, Naphthas, LPG’s.
  • Product marketing, valuation, and analysis
  • Midstream processing and splitting, splitting economics
  • Downstream, wholesale petroleum pricing and economics
  • Government representation and policy development support

Transport Fuels (CNG, LNG, Liquid Fuels)

  • Compressed natural gas (CNG), LNG (for transport)
  • Industry reviews and studies (Australia and international)
  • Transport fuels (petrol, diesel, jet, LPG) policy developments
  • Marketing and strategy development
  • Government and industry policy input and support