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About Ecco Consulting

Ecco Consulting Pty Ltd (Ecco) was established in 2004 to provide Mike Cochran is the founding CEO of Ecco Consulting providing services in commercial negotiation, marketing, business strategy, research and operations to the oil, gas, petroleum, alternative fuel and resource sectors. Mike Cochran is the founding CEO of Ecco Consulting.

The ability to provide high quality services by Ecco Consulting is backed by over 35 years of commercial and marketing experience with prominent national and international organisations in the oil, gas, mining and resource sector generally in Australia and overseas.

Mike Cochran

Commercial negotiation – RONO™ – innovative business coaching resource

Based on its extensive experience in commercialisation processes in the resource sector, Ecco developed and trademarked a commercial negotiation business coaching model called RONO™. The premise of the RONO™ model is that to achieve true and rightful value in your negotiation of any high value/low volume commercial transaction, organisations need to have strategies in place, not limited to just the negotiation process, but covering the wider commercialisation process,

In 2023, Ecco launched a new website, ronostrategies.com as a coaching resource for corporations and SME’s, for adding value and setting a standard for negotiating high value/low volume commercial transactions.

The value of ronostrategies.com to corporations and SME’s is that it offers experienced based guidelines and strategies, guiding you through the wider commercialisation process to optimise your negotiation outcome and, most importantly, to ensure business sustainability.

Biofuel Specialty

Alternative and non-conventional transport fuel markets in Australia are other sectors in which Ecco has developed specialisation. In 2006, Ecco Consulting and EnergyQuest Pty Ltd formed APAC Biofuels Consultants to provide specialist and independent commercial research and strategy development to the Australian and international biofuel industry. Since then, APAC has become a leading independent advisory on the Australian biofuel industry.

Ecco’s client base consists of governments (Australian federal, state and local), large Australian and international companies engaged in petroleum refining, liquid fuels distribution and importation, oil and gas production and exploration, alternative fuels development, government, banking and investment, infrastructure, project development and commodity trading.

Clients who have benefited from Ecco Consulting’s services

Since its establishment in 2004, ECCO Consulting has been engaged by and consulted to a wide range of Australian and international corporations including:

  • Governments (Australian Federal, State and Local) and government agencies,
  • International refiners, and oil and gas companies (Middle East, Asia),
  • Other Australian and international companies engaged in:
    • upstream oil and gas exploration and midstream liquids processing,
    • petroleum refining, liquid fuels distribution and importation,
    • biofuels (ethanol, biodiesel, renewable diesel),
    • banking and investment for new biofuel projects,
    • alternative transport fuel development (LNG, CNG and LPG),
    • international infrastructure and fuel storage development,
    • government policy research and policy development,
    • project development, and
    • commodity trading.