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About APAC Biofuel Consultants, Australia

APAC is a leading independent biofuel advisory in Australia covering demand, supply, production, strategy, investment, analysis and research, policy development, marketing and economics. Clients include governments, government agencies, investors, investment banks, producers, trading houses and industry associations.

In addition to our advisory role, APAC also prepares regular analysis on the status of the Australian biofuel industry in a report called AUSTRALIAN BIOFUELS. This report is the only independent report of its kind on the Australian biofuel sector.

Trading as APAC Biofuel Consultants since 2006, biofuels is energy specialty advisory in Australia established by Ecco Consulting jointly with EnergyQuest (

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your biofuel project or require independent analysis on all aspects of the biofuel industry.

Historical biofuel industry analysis – lessons for the future.

APAC has documented a historical analysis of the ‘turbulent’ Australian biofuel industry between 2006 to 2023, in a series of AUSTRALIAN BIOFUELS reports (documented below).  These reports contain the only independent detail analysis of developments, policy changes, grants ‘success’, feedstock analysis, economics, the rise and fall of industry plants, highlighting the policy (State and Federal) successes and failures over this period.

There are many lessons that can be learnt as Australia advances into the ‘new’ SAF/HVO biofuel era in Australia in 2024 onwards.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your biofuel project or require independent analysis on all aspects of the biofuel industry.

Comments on Australian biofuel industry

Summary: Current Biofuel Developments in Australia (2023/4).

The production of renewable diesel and bio- jet (Sustainable Aviation Fuel – SAF) are the two major technical developments now receiving considerable investment attention in Australia and overseas.  APAC has been and continues to independently follow developments in SAF and renewable diesel, especially in Australia.

  • Release of the CSIRO’s ‘Sustainable Aviation Fuel Roadmap’.
  • Establishment of Sustainable Aviation Fuel Funding Initiative

Australia’s Bioenergy Roadmap, 2021, released 19th November 2021. APAC’s comments regarding biofuels in Australia, December 2021. Click here

Biofuels still going nowhere, Roadmap, feedstock exports, and more on emission policy. August 2021. Click here

APAC’s media release on the state of the Australian biofuel industry as at end 2000, November 2020. Click here


AUSTRALIAN BIOFUELS 2020 – Where to from here?

APAC’s Australian Biofuels 2020 again offers an extensive, in depth independent analysis of all aspects of the current Australian biofuel industry and key technical developments in the international biofuel markets. This is the only in depth independent analysis of the Australian biofuel industry. Much of its content is still relevant as we enter 2024.

Click here for Australian Biofuels 2020 – Table of Contents
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Custom updates of Australian Biofuels for 2024
Enquire at now if you would like a custom update for 2024 of any particular Section in the Table of Contents in Australian Biofuels 2020.

Other Biofuel Client Reports by APAC

  • Australian Biofuels 2019 – Policy Overhaul Overdue (in-depth analysis of all recent developments in the Australian biofuel industry).
  • Australian Biofuels 2018 – Emerging New Directions. (Marginal demand growth; biodiesel struggling still; mandate impact; bio-aviation fuel developments).
  • Australian Biofuels 2017 – Industry Dichotomy (declining demand; low oil prices impact on margins; new mandates for NSW and Queensland; advance biofuel projects update).
  • Australian Biofuels 2015-16, Mandates (revised excise regime; biodiesel slump; advanced biofuels gains).
  • Australian Biofuels 2014-15, More Changes.
  • Australian Biofuels 2013-14, Policy and Growth.
  • Australian Biofuels 2012-13, Where is the Growth?
  • Australian Biofuels 2011-12, Taking Stock.
  • Australian Biofuels 2010
  • Australian Biofuels 2009
  • Australian Biofuel Projects (2007, 2008)
  • Biofuels in Australia – A Growing Sector (2006).

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